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Himalaya Baby Lotion Review

Is this good for your baby or not? Read our Himalaya Baby Lotion Review. Nothing makes a parent happier than to know that their baby is healthy and kept clean. Picking a good lotion is always a tough task as you need to make sure that it has just the right ingredients for the little one.

Is Himalaya baby lotion really good enough for your baby? If this has been your pressing concern, you’re at the right place to find out more about this product. Below is a detailed Himalaya baby lotion review which will help you decide whether it’s ideal for your little one or not.


What Himalaya says-

“A gentle lotion specially formulated to restore the skin’s natural beauty leaving skin soft and supple Enriched with Almond Oil that restores skin moisture, Olive oil which improves skin luster and Yashtimadhu and Country Mallow which soothe the skin.”

Ingredients –

Country Mallow (Sida cordifolia), Licorice (Glycyrrhiza glabra), Tinospora Gulancha (Tinospora cordifolia), Olive Oil (Olea europaea), Methylparahen IP,Propylparaben IP, Phenoxyethanol, Vatada (Prunus amygdalus).


Your infant’s skin care solutions are found in Himalaya baby lotion. It uses natural ingredients in nourishing your baby’s skin vis-à-vis chemical based products which are all the more expensive.  Almond oil & olive oil are excellent agents to recover and maintain healthy skin, hence making it an excellent herbal lotion so that is a plus when buying a baby lotion.

It prevents dryness or irritation of skin especially during winters, having a smoothening effect on the skin, however, during summers this might not be the case. It is mild and gentle enough for newborns as well, but this can vary from baby to baby and you need to check with the doctor first.

The price tag is around $1.6 for a 100ml bottle. Also available in different pack sizes including 200 ml and 400 ml.


  • Ayurveda-based lotion
  • Absorbs quickly into the skin
  • The texture of the lotion is not oily
  • Sweet scented aroma
  • Retains moisture and keeps skin soft & supple
  • Value for money


  • Remains over the body for only 3-4 hours only
  • Fragrance might not be too pleasant for some babies
  • Lotion is a bit mild as its more of a moisturizer

Our rating- 4/5

Bottom Line –

The ayurvedic formulations make it a safe to use product for your newborn’s tender skin. It is very much affordable as compared to other brands. It’s also ‘Cruelty- free’ and has a “Not Tested on Animals” logo behind the bottle, so you need not think twice when you choose Himalaya baby lotion.

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