The Body Shop Introduces Hand Cream With A Cause

Since 1972, Anita Roddick’s beauty brand has helped nourish your skin while enriching the earth. Millions of her devoted customers have never shied away from spending top dollar to get their hands on products that use green products that help prevent the further pollution of the environment. Now, The Body Shop is going one step ahead and promising to contribute further with every tube of their bestselling hand cream that you add to your cart.

The Body Shop Almond Hand Cream

The Body Shop’s initiative for Change

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They have championed the cause for a number of global issues including – sex trafficking, HIV, green campaigns and every other major cause under the sun. This time around, they put the reigns in your hands, letting you choose between three causes – earth, education and wildlife with every Almond And Nail Hand Cream that you purchase from their online store. No doubt, ALL of their products leave you feeling pampered, luxurious and embraced by nature itself, but we still need to get a review done on the hand cream so you can go ahead and buy it without a second thought.

Hands do most of the work. You need them for every possible daily activity you undertake. Whether it is typing on a computer or for eating, hands are put to constant use. This leaves them feeling hardened, dried as they bear the brunt of your hardworking ways. Every time you use soap or dry them on a towel, moisture is stripped off them and dirt gets back on as you touch one surface or the other. Though many companies promise almost instant results, you can be sure that they are temporary as most products are crammed with a number of ingredients that one cannot even pronounce well, not to mention that they are most probably created in a laboratory. But The Body Shop is known for their nature-acquired ingredients that refuse to be tested on animals and extremely useful for topical use. The Almond and Brazil Nut are the main components for this hand cream. Their natural properties are known for moisturizing the skin with their natural oils that work wonders when used regularly. The cream itself isn’t greasy and smells wonderful, keeping your hands supple almost all day long. Having this in your purse will come tremendously in handy, though applying it once a day and maybe after washing your hands after lunch is sufficient enough. Though it doesn’t claim to whiten skin, it does tend to even out skin tone with sufficiently prolonged use.

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