Bath and Body Works Sweet Pea Signature Collection Review The first thing that possibly pops in the mind when you think of “Bath and Body Works” is the sweet fruity fragrance which lingers on – creams, perfumes, body washes and the list goes on. Although there are many who swear by Bath and Body Works (BBW) products, there are some who utterly dislike it- probably due to its “too sweet” aroma or maybe just an allergy to fragrances.

Whatever be the reason, BBW is one of the most widely known brands when it comes to bath and body and it’s no wonder it has been thriving this far. One product which we will dissect is the well-known “Sweet pea” Signature collection at BBW which encompasses hand sanitizers, body mists, body creams, hand washes, body washes, perfumes among other products.


So what makes this product so famous? Let’s check out what Bath and Body Works has to say about this collection.


“Master perfumers have blended sweet pea petals and watery pear with freesia, fresh raspberry and soft delicate musk.”


“Our original, award-winning Sweet Pea® fragrance is a fruity floral scent that evokes the intoxicating, floral-infused breezes of the Mediterranean”


Like most fruity-based products, this one too falls in the category of personal choice since it’s a fragrance range and there are bound to be pros and cons. Having a sweet pea, raspberry and musk base mix, it does come out a bit mild in the body wash, hair range, hand sanitizers and hand washes, but can be stronger in the creams and perfumes.  It does last for a couple of hours, but since the fragrance varies from product to product, it can be too strong for some – almost a headache at times. The key is to use it sparingly and not inhale while applying/spraying.

The good part is that is does make you feel fresh, covers up odours and makes you feel like you are in an all day spa. The containers are pretty well-designed and some are the standard BBW bottles used in other signature collections. It’s decently priced and there are always combo offers online and in the store so that you can get more value. It starts from $ 1.5 and goes up to $35. There are good gift sets too.

The flip side is the fragrance itself. It’s something of a personal choice and depends on your likes. If you are not into fruity and floral fragrances which make you feel “girly”, then stay away from it. Its more suitable to teens and basically women who are young at heart only.


Fruity fragrance and fresh feeling throughout the day

Value for money, great offers available online and in-store

Travel size bottles make it easy to carry it along with you everywhere

Interesting gift sets available


Fragrance can be overpowering in the creams and perfumes

Not suited for people who don’t like floral/fruity fragrances

Hair range doesn’t suit dry hair

Our rating: 4/5

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