Amore Pacific Line Modifier – Review

Amore Pacific Line Modifier is a gentle, light weight anti-ageing treatment for reducing fine lines, blemishes, wrinkles and age spots.



The main ingredients of the emulsion is Retinol, that stimulates synthesis of collagen and along with Bio GF 1k, targets fine lines and wrinkles right at  thesource. It also contains Bamboo Sap acting as a moisturizer  Hydrolyzed Ginseng saponin that inhibits the degradation of collagen and Trichloma matsutake extract with antioxidant properties. Ginger root extracts purifies and brightens the skin and carrot root extract strengthens the self defence of the skin.


The innovative anti-ageing cream priced at INR 8,770 provides a progressive treatment towards all signs of ageing and damage caused due to UV ray exposure. Continuous use of the serum stimulates the repair and regeneration of new skin cells and give a fresh, bright and renewed appearance to the skin.


The effective skin rejuvenating serum harnesses the restorative powers of indigenous botanicals to deliver healthy and youthful skin and doesn’t contain harmful chemicals like sulphates, petrochemicals, Phthalates and GMOs. The resultant brightness of the skin is long lasting as it comes from within, because of the new cell growth and antioxidants present in the skin and not from artificial chemicals and bleaches.


Exposure to UV rays reduces the efficiency of Retinol present in the serum, so the cream doesn’t remain effective in sunlight. Sunscreen must be applied along with it to have complete protection.

Our Rating : 4.5/ 5

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