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Chambor Charcoal Eye Pencil Review In search of make-up items for a heavy look during evening wear? Chambor charcoal eye pencil is most make-up artists choice. Let’s take a glimpse if it deserves to be in your make-up kit.

chambor eye pencil

What Chambor says-

It has an Intense Kohl like Eyeliner effect which gives the perfect shape for your eyes with total coverage. In pencil form, easy to carry and apply. Multi-Purpose : Can be used both on Eyes and Lips. Vitamin Enriched : Vitamin – E & A. Water resistant – Long Lasting and does not smudge. No Animal Ingredients. Non – Comodogenic. Dermatologist Tested. Opthalmologist Tested.


Not mentioned on the product.


The stunning deep & dark black color of the eye pencil when applied is noticeable, catching every eye’s attention.  It gives a smokey look to your eyes and is more appropriate for night make up. It’s got this thick creamy texture hence doesn’t leave any gaps when you apply. The depth of the color gives you a good face lift and glams you up in no time.

The packaging is silver pencil with transparent top and color coded tail. The price tag is around $ 3.6 for 1.15g.


Deep dark color


Stays for 3-4 hours

Can be used as eye liner or lip liner

Gives a matte finish

Sharpens easily

Suitable for night wear


Could smudge during humid climate

Doesn’t stay for too long

Not water resistant

Looks too heavy on the face

Our rating- 4/5

Bottom line-

Chambor charcoal eye pencil is excellent for heavy make up during functions and occasions alike. It sets a glamorous look on your face and you would want to use it more often.

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