Himalaya Anti-Hair Fall Hair Oil Review Himalaya’s Anti-Hair Fall Hair Oil has been around for a couple of years and the company states that using this herbal non-sticky oil over a given period of time can reduce hair fall. Hair fall is a major problem faced by people of all ages and everyone is looking for a solution to combat hair loss and scalp infections. So if you are planning on buying this anti-hair fall herbal oil, an honest review would really help you in making a decision.

After analyzing the well-designed box, I read that applying Himalaya Anti-Hair Fall Hair Oil on the scalp overnight can reduce hair fall, split ends and even moisturize your scalp. In short, it ” Promotes hair growth. Prevents hair fall”

So let’s get to the Himalaya Anti-Hair Fall Hair Oil Review

Bhringaraja and Amalki – Hair growth promoters
Methi – Nourishes hair roots
Neem and Bilva – Prevents scalp infections

I came across the product when I started suffering from major hair loss after being hospitalized for typhoid. Although I was no longer suffering from the sickness, the after-effects were huge clumps of hair falling off everyday. It was a nightmare. I tried a number of oils – coconut, almond and medicated oils, but to no effect.

A friend of ours – who is a cancer-survivor – told me to try Himalaya Anti-Hair Fall Hair Oil (which is why reviews are so important) and spoke to me about how it helped stop hair fall and improved hair growth after those chemotherapy sessions.

I bought it immediately and after the first usage, I expected my hair fall to stop. It did not. Why? Because this is not a miracle anti-hair fall oil, you have to give it a month, atleast.
Right enough, 2 weeks later, my hair fall decreased by upto 50% of what it was before. And after 1 month, it was much less. I have been using this oil for several months and I am truly amazed how it reduced my hair loss so drastically.

The only problem I did face with the oil was it’s inability to keep my scalp moisturized. Since I have dry hair, my hair fell less after using this oil, but my hair and scalp still felt dry even after using Himalaya’s Anti-hair Fall Shampoo. But it took care of my hair fall and that put a smile back on my face.

We highly recommend this to anyone who suffers from hair loss. Try a small bottle and see if it works on your hair type, but make sure you are not using a harsh shampoo and also ensure that you keep a tab on your diet as well.

Non-sticky and doesn’t make your head feel like it’s drenched with thick oil
Pleasant fragrance- not overtly herbal, but just right
Available in small (100ml) and Medium (200ml) bottles

Too expensive for everyday usage
Not available in Large bottles (useful if you come from a big family)
May not be effective in treating scalp infections and dandruff

Our rating: 4/5

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